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So the project begins with the engine, which was to be built before the car arrived, in order to speed up the build. The engine is still a 4 Litre unit, but it has been completely remanufactured to original specifications. The block was fitted with new liners, pistons and camshaft bearings. The crankshaft has been reground, and the cylinder heads have new valve guides and valves. All the castings were vapour blasted, and the rest of the components shot blasted and painted. Some parts are to be nickel plated, and as usual all the fasteners are stainless.

The top picture shows the block prepared for assembly, and set up on the engine stand. Above is the freshly ground crankshaft, spotlessly cleaned ready to be installed.

To the right is the engine with all the new pistons fitted, along with a high torque starter motor.

The V8S is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to TVR's. Beautiful lines with that unmistakable V8 growl, but it unfortunately was overshadowed by the Griffith which arrived in 1992. Sales of the Griffith were huge when it was unveiled, and the poor old V8S was sidelined as people wanted the new model. The Griffith of course is an amazing car, but by then the S had matured, and most of the faults had been sorted, but sales were much reduced, so a decision was taken to discontinue it. Only 73 V8S's were ever made, and as such they command high resale prices if they are in good condition. 

So this car came in for a full refurbishment to bring it back to its former glory. It was to have a new engine, a new leather interior in light grey and mulberry, and resprayed paintwork in a similar colour. There are to be various other upgrades which will be revealed as the story unfolds. 

The crankshaft, pistons and conrods, along with the flywheel assembly were balanced so the engine runs as smoothly as possible. To the left is the block with all the pistons fitted, and the shot above shows the ARP high tensile studs and a new head gasket. The studs allow a higher clamping pressure than the original head bolts. Using a stud over a bolt into a soft aluminium block, is a much better option albeit at a cost.

To the left, the cylinder head bolted on to the block, which shows the ARP nuts and new valve springs. The engine is to run a Kent H214 camshaft, which should give a strong mid range torque without compromising the idle running. 

Above shows both cylinder heads installed, along with ARP stainless inlet and exhaust manifold bolts. 

The rocker covers have been shot blasted and stove enamelled red, and new TVR metal badges fitted, similar to the original ones. The rocker cover badges are specially made for me, and there will also be a carbon fibre plenum badge to finish the engine off.

Above shows the engine timing being accurately set up, so the camshaft and crankshaft are perfectly aligned with respect to each other. 
To the left, the engine is well under way with the front cover and inlet manifold installed. The water pump will be fitted next, and then the pulley's and a new drive belt.
The car is starting to be dismantled, and will be stripped until just the body shell is left on a rolling chassis. Then it will go off to be resprayed a candy red colour, should look very striking.

The plenum chamber casting being machined for a new carbon fibre badge that will be made with "TVR V8S" engraved on it. 

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