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The Cerbera is one of TVR's first cars made with their own engine. This one has an AJP 4.5 Litre V8, developing over 400 hp, and is a Red Rose version which had improved brakes and a little more horsepower. 

The car is a 2001 vintage, and was showing some signs of wear and tear. The paintwork was chipped and scratched, with the usual carpark door marks etc. The wheels needed refurbishing and the brakes replacing. The interior also was in need of attention, especially the drivers seat which was quite badly broken. There were a number of electrical problems and the door switch on the drivers door didn't work. It was also needing a major service along with a replacement idler bearing that was worn out.

The discs were replaced with new ones, and were stove enamelled satin black, along with all the callipers. The discs were then fitted along with new brake pads, and the hydraulic system renewed with new brake fluid. The vehicle was then sent to the paintshop for a full respray in GTS Viper Blue. Meanwhile, the drivers seat was sent to the trimmers for reupholstering. The metal frame had broken, so I welded it back together, but reinforced it to be stronger than the original setup.

To the left is the car after it had come out of the spray booth. The lights were removed to make the painting easier and makes for a better job not having to mask the lights. The air box below had been broken previously, and badly repaired. The brass bobbin at the rear of the unit had come away from the fibreglass, so a metal plate was made with a new M6 threaded nut in it, which was then bonded into the shell and then reassembled with sealant and new screws. The finished article was strong and air tight, and ready to be bolted back on to the engine.

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