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Ford Capri
2 Litre

We all love the Ford Capri, and many of us have owned and cherished one in the past. This one is also much loved by the owner, but unfortunately it suffered a major engine problem resulting in serious internal damage. After discussing various options, it was decided to upgrade the 1600 engine to a 2 litre one. While a standard 2 litre would have resulted in a reasonable power increase, this wasn't to be, and a much more interesting engine was planned. The picture (left) shows the old engine being taken out of the car for inspection. The body of the car is in remarkable condition considering its age, and once the new engine has been installed, the exterior is to be repainted and the interior retrimmed.

I managed to source a 2 litre engine which had some of the components that would be needed for the new build. However, some machining work had to be undertaken before assembly could begin. The block was bored to the maximum safe oversize of +1.5mm, and new Wossener pistons supplied. The conrods are performance items, and are considerably stronger than the original Ford ones. The pistons and conrods were all matched to be the same weight as each other, and the crankshaft cleaned up along with a new set of bearings. The reground flywheel was significantly lightened, and a Type 9 gearbox clutch assembly fitted. The whole crankshaft assembly was balanced and the top of the block cleaned up. The original Type 3 gearbox wouldn't be strong enough for the increase in performance, so a new Type 9 gearbox will be used instead. The photo above shows the block painted in heat proof paint and one of the new conrods.

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