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This is a very special project, and I was very pleased to be asked to do it. The lady who owned this car unfortunately passed away, and her husband wanted the car restored to as new in her memory. 

The vehicle is a MK1 Audi TT, that had been involved is a small accident. The front of the vehicle had been damaged, but fortunately the chassis wasn't bent, and it was limited to the radiators, intercooler and bodywork. There are an enormous amount parts available for the TT, and everything can still be purchased new from the manufacturer. 

The plan is to rebuild the engine and the suspension, replace the brakes along with the sills and the damaged components at the front of the car. The interior is in fair condition, but will clean up with a few replacement parts to bring it up to standard. The two front wings will be replaced, and the whole body will be repainted in the original colour. 

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