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The Porsche 911, first launched in 1964, and continues to be produced until the present day. This example is a 1969 911T which has been imported from California, and as such has very little corrosion on the body shell. These early cars weren't as well protected as modern cars, and were prone to rusting, especially in the English climate. The car was originally taken to a Porsche dealer, but they weren't really interested in doing the work, so I was asked to take the project on. 

The bodywork is reasonably sound from a metal work point of view, but the interior is badly damaged from excessive heat and sunlight. The mechanical parts show the usual wear and tear, you would expect from a car that is 53 years old. So the engine will be rebuilt with some performance upgrades, and the transaxle and suspension refurbished in the usual manner. It will have a new leather interior, and the wheels changed for the lovely Fuchs five spoke alloy ones.  The end result should be a beautiful example of an iconic car. 

The work commences with the dismantling of the engine, and the processing of the components. The crankcases will be vapour blasted, some of the parts nickel plated and the steel parts shot blasted and stove enamelled satin black. There was a considerable amount of metal evident in the sump strainer, but this I think can be attributed to the hole in the piston in the middle cylinder. As far as the condition of the engine in general, it is pretty good for a vehicle of its age. 

On the left are the alloy engine components that have just been vapour blasted. A real transformation from the 50 year old tired parts to looking like new again. The crankcases have also come out beautifully, the engine will look stunning when it's finished.
Below is a shot of the two crankshafts, the one on the left is the 
original 2.0L one, and the other is a 2.7L version. In addition there are a set of conrods to match the crankshaft, and new pistons and barrels that have an increased capacity. The cylinder heads have been ported with new guides fitted, and the expected output will be around 170 bhp. The original engine only produced 118 bhp, so there should a welcome performance upgrade. 

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